The Definitions of Nautical Terms

nautical terms

Some people are so much interested in nautical terms and phrases that they’ve become experts in this field. These people know all of the various terms and what they mean, and some of them have even gone to the extent of writing books on this subject. The interesting thing about this is that almost everyone can gain something from these books. If you know nautical terms and want to impress your friends or colleagues, then buying a nautical terms dictionary is one way to do this. However, this can be somewhat expensive, and might not be within most people’s budgets. The good news is that there are plenty of sources for nautical terms that don’t cost very much, and this article will list a few of those sources, complete with a brief description of each source.

How to Learn the Terms

The internet is an excellent source for nautical terms and you’ll find lots of websites dedicated to nautical terminology and knowledge. The official United States Navy website also has some really helpful articles and blogs written by sailors and those who love to read about nautical terms. For those who would rather not read through lots of text, the website Modern Sailor provides a neat nautical terms dictionary right on its home page. This source is also fairly recent and contains updated information.

A very popular website online that features nautical term meanings and related information is Nautical Terms D Glossary. This is another great website for sailors and people who want to learn more about nautical terms and what they mean. As you probably expect, the information found on this site is pretty recent and is quite informative. Not only does this site offer a quick definition of a nautical term, but it also provides the etymology of certain terms as well as some slang terms that might be helpful in some circumstances. It is also important to realize that these etymology listings are only as current as the researchers can find them and therefore should not be taken as gospel.

nautical terms

Another popular online source for nautical term meanings is Sea Search and Research. This site is sponsored by the US Navy and provides several different options for you to choose from. Among the options found on this site are a glossary of nautical terms and a database of sea life photos. If you are into looking at photos of sea life, you will probably enjoy Sea Search and Research.

Further Reading

One of the most comprehensive nautical term meanings databases available online is Nautical Language. This is an online website that allows users to look at various nautical terms and learn what they mean. This site is maintained by a group of nautical experts and covers almost all nautical terms you might come across when looking at old sailing or military literature. In addition to this database, the site offers audio files of sailors talking about various topics including nautical terms. This is a great way to learn about nautical terms without actually having to look at pictures of sailing vessels.

If you are not into reading materials about nautical terminology, you might want to try browsing the Internet for nautical terminology. Websites like Nautical Terminology are very popular and provide an excellent look at some of the terminology used in the ocean sciences. They also offer a look at some ships and boats and give a short description of their nautical terminology. The site is run by the United States Coast Guard and is very informative.

You can also find several live forums on nautical terminology were sailors of the past and present talk about everything to do with nautical terms. These forums are a great place to pick up a few interesting nautical terms and become intimately familiar with the language. Some of the subjects discussed include how to pronounce nautical terms and words that have different meanings when used in the sea. Forums also offer reviews of books and other products regarding nautical terminology. Many people also post photos of what they think are nautical terms and things of that nature. These are great sources of information, if for nothing else, then just to see what all the fuss is about!

Now, you may be asking yourself what does the nautical term eagle mean? The definition of the term eagle is A naval marine bird of prey that has wings covered with feathers. An armed eagle is designed to attack from the air using its spurs or wings, and not for flight. The armed eagle designation applies to all types of eagles, not just the armed ones used to attack from the air.

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