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Classic Wooden Boat is all about the history of classic wooden boats and boat builders in Australia. We provide an online store for boating apparel and classic boat prints, poetry and artwork. We provide a wooden boat sales brokerage, including insurance reports, surveys, boat delivery, boat transport, and much, much more.

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Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club

The Gippsland Lakes Classic Wooden Boat Club (GLCBC) has recently been incorporated in July 2016. The club has been formed in response to the overwhelming interest from participants and visitors who attended the 2016 Paynesville classic boat rally. Membership is open to boat owners, boating enthusiasts and a broad selection of the boating public.

 The GLCBC Statement of Purpose

We are a community based on the Gippsland Lakes and environs, who enjoy a common interest in classic boating, yachting, and other marine activities.
We exist for the benefit of members to ensure that an inclusive, safe and cost effective boating program and related social activities are provided. 

Our Strategy to achieve our purpose

We operate as not for profit

We listen to our members' and local community's interests

We hold little assets and do so only to achieve Our Purpose

We are inclusive within the scope of our ability to do so.

Our Club Values

We respect and value others' opinion

We are inclusive and value diversity 

We promote the sport of classic boats, cruising, sailing, rowing and other related activities.

We are accommodating where possible to members' of other clubs.

We promote the sport of classic boats, cruising, sailing, rowing and other related activities.

We are accommodating where possible to members' of other clubs.


The following, is a report from the first meeting of the newly formed Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club, President Grant Ottaway...

"It is with pleasure we can announce that the Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club will now proceed to realisation.
On behalf of Peter, Tony, Kellie, Sally and Myself we would like to thank the 62 people that attended the expressions of interest meeting yesterday at the Nicholson Pub, in addition I would like to express our appreciation to Paul who provided the venue.
Yesterday a steering committee was formed and we would like to express our appreciation to those who have stepped up and offered their assistance.
We would also like to thank those who attended who have offered some wonderful ideas that will make this club appealing to a broad spectrum of the boating community; both experienced and new.
Over the next 2 weeks, we will be digesting all the feedback and announcing the formal club structure that we hope will meet the expectations of our members. Information and a summary will be posted online detailing the progression, this we hope will assist those who could not attend yesterday.
So, for now….. We will sign off as there is a lot to do. Please keep an eye on the “Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club” (GLCBC) FaceBook page for updates.
Once again, for those who attended, a huge thank you….. This is going to be wonderful."
Regards and on behalf of the GLCBC steering committee.