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P.S. CURLIP to move to Gippsland Lakes

Gary Plumley

Great news... We would like to inform you that as of yesterday the Management and running of the Steam driven Paddle Steamer Curlip will be transferred to a Gippsland lakes based non for profit group Whether it be our Gippsland lakes Classic Boat or a similar non for profit Group
I would like to thank EVERYONE INVOLVED for their help and enthusiasm with this idea and all the other people who have come on board to support us in this endeavour. Our plan at this stage is to get the Curlip around here as quickly as we can as we only have a small window of opportunity with the Marlo bar, Our plan then with the shire approval is to hard stand her in the Paynesville marine precinct area (Slip Rd) get as many volunteers involved as possible. Get her back into survey and working condition and base her out of Bairnsdale and do cruises up and down the Mitchell River and other areas, This is a great outcome for the Curlip and we hope to make it a big community project. The sounds and sites of the Curlip steaming down the Mitchell we be a great site to behold.

PRESS RELEASE Paddle Steamer Curlip.
The following draft was released by Classic Wooden Boat Editor Gary Plumley, today, 21/08/2016 visit for further information

"As of today we have an agreement in principle to transfer the assets and interests of the Curlip to an entity of our nomination. 
The management board of P.S.Curlip Incorporated met yesterday onboard the Curlip and voted unanimously on the motions put forward by Gil Richardson.
I am in receipt of a letter from the Curlip solicitors Hibbert & Hodges of Orbost that outlines the responsibilities of the Curlip Board. 
In effect the board have announced their inability to continue with the management and scope of running the Curlip. 
As a consequence, this triggers a chain of events, controlled by Consumer Affairs Victoria, as outlined in the Curlip Constitution. 
1. The primary effect is to call for the Association to cease operation. 
2. The secondary phase is for the winding up of that Association.
3. Thirdly, the Association must nominate a suitable Association or entity to receive the surplus assets of the Curlip Association.
Once the necessary winding up procedure has been carried out, the above points will be activated.
My suggestion is that as the P.S. Curlip is in theory an asset of the people of East Gippsland, we need to ensure absolute transparency in any move forward.
Whilst our newly formed GLCBC is a worthy recipient of the Curlip. The scope of her operation and ongoing maintenance is very onerous.
We should look at forming a Curlip Management Board, in effect a "club within our club" chartered with her restoration, management, on going marketing and finally her return to service on an ongoing basis. In this business model we will not confuse the synergistic yet different needs of our members and the Curlip.
I will be going to Orbost again this week for a meeting with members of P.S. Curlip Incorporated, to begin to effect a timely handover of the vessel.
This is important because of our window of opportunity to clear the mouth of The Snowy River, now clear since the recent floods.
Peter Medling has also worked tirelessly to set up the movement and logistics in getting Curlip to The Lakes. My suggestion is that he and I attend the meeting early this week. 
I have offered the use of my Gippsland Ports, alongside berth at Western Boat Harbour for the initial location of Curlip. 
We could move her anytime in the next good weather window, subject to Ports approval and assistance.
Finally I thank everyone thus far for their support and the East Gippsland Newspaper Group for the oxygen they provided to air our concerns for The Curlip and her future preservation.

Gary Plumley
Editor, Classic Wooden Boat



Classic Wooden Boat Sales Brokerage.

Gary Plumley

After a recess of nearly 4 years, Classic Wooden Boat Sales brokerage is now in operation on The Gippsland Lakes. We can help you sell your Classic Wooden Boat. We list yachts, power boats and cruisers. We also list recreational watercraft, dinghies, tenders and recreational rowing craft.

Classic Wooden Boat Brokerage can arrange through our team of Marine professionals, Insurance reports, Boat Surveys for Buying or Selling of vessels. We can arrange the transport or delivery of your new vessel by water or road transport.

Contact 03 51554173 or email  

Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club

Gary Plumley

The newly incorporated Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club, formalised it's operation at a meeting of the steering committee yesterday at Nicholson.

The GLCBC, already has a core membership, ready to become inaugural members. The Club membership is $50.00 for normal members, with family membership set at $75.00.

A new website will be launched in the coming weeks that will display membership information, club cruises and meetings and much more. Stay tuned for the website launch

For further information on membership contact the Secretary Kellie Ottaway or Treasurer Tony Dodson

The only qualification for boat ownership is that the vessel is more than 25 years old. You do not have to be a boat owner to join, just have a love for classic boats and boating.